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Canapa Mundi Rome  |  Cannafair Düsseldorf  |  Cultiva Hanf Expo Vienna  |  White Label World Expo Frankfurt |  Cannafest Praha  |  Cannadouro Porto  |  Cannatrade  Zurich  |  Hempsfair  Frankfurt  |  Mary Jane Berlin  |  Spannabis Barcelona  |  The CBD Show London  |  White Label World Expo Frankfurt 

Roadmap & overview of functions

Welcome and thank you for your interest. Below we discuss the different functions of this platform. We evaluate constantly the various approaches to your data, your privacy and your network.
This website is build with open source solutions and we welcome you to take part in its development.

Find here the overview and links of the applications alphabetically:

  • About (page): a bit of background about this initiative, the goals and organisation.

  • Agenda (page): overview of upcoming events

  • Bookings (app): scheduling appointments

  • Calendar (page & app): scheme of dates of events

  • Chat Room (page & app): private and public chat rooms

  • Compliments (app): a way to send each other some compliments

  • Contact (page & app): the verious ways to contact us.

  • GEO (app): various mapping support

  • Guestbook (page & app): a public way to send us your appreciation for the site

  • Hub (page): the homepage and your central starting point when using this platform

  • Invite Anyone (app): with this application you can easily invite anyone by email.  Find it on the Hub at the bottom.

  • Language selector (app): in the upper right hand corner you have an easy language selector

  • Locations (page & app): a way to set up your own locations

  • Media (app): there are various ways to share content on this network.  Under Activities you can share status-updates with images, video, links or documents.  Under Gallery you can create image galleries.  You can also send pictures and other formats to each other on the private Messaging platform.

  • Meet (page & app): video conferencing platform for registered users

  • Messages (page & app): the private messaging platform with access to Friends and Groups you find in the lower right corner

  • News (page): the latest news and updates

  • Newsletter (email): your method for subscription to the Newsletter of this site

  • Rendez Vous (app): an easy way to plan your next meeting on the social platform

  • Trips (app): an overview of the possible journeys

  • User Posts (page): the way to publicly post and edit your own reviews and reports (User Submitted Posts: USP)

  • USP Form (app): User Submitted Posts Form – send your own reviews and reports for publication on this site

  • Author profile (page & app): People can follow you by using your author name:

    Authors who can not access this settings page will find their username on the “Edit Profile” page.

Citizen Hemp

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