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Newsletter One: Winds of Change


With the legalization movements all around the world, it are truly exciting times for cannabis and hemp. Although hemp is legal in large parts of the world, the prohibition of cannabis has done much damage. But if there is one plant that can be a liberating tool for communities than it must be hemp!

With over 50.000 know applications, methods and products, hemp is not only the most versatile good out there, it’s healthy for man and animal, it has nature’s most strong fibre (we’ll come certainly back to that) and it’s easy to dispose as it remains a natural, biologic product.

But that is the theory. The challenge is to deliver the hemp goods on your doorstep, easily accessible, making the production cycles truly sustainable and creating a self reinforcing framework of abundance.

To do that Citizen Hemp travels trough Europe and beyond borders to link people, means and opportunity.